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Carrillo FOR Alfa Romeo 1750/2000cc Pro-H 3/8-Set of 4

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Item: Carrillo Alfa Romeo 1750/2000cc Pro-H 3/8 CARR Bolt Connecting Rods – Set of 4

CP-Carrillo is your one stop source for top of the line engine connecting rods. Manufacturing a CP-Carrillo engine connecting rods is much more than cutting a forging, meeting production goals and shipping deadlines. The design of connecting rods has evolved into a collaboration of skilled specialists. Every CP-Carrillo connecting rod is a symphony of precision: material specialist, forging precision, production craftsman, design engineers and engine specialists each contribute know-how and artistry. CP-Carrillo engineers continually refine their connecting rod designs to obtain that elusive goal – perfection in performance. Each CP-Carrillo rod is manufactured in the USA from oversized proprietary steel forgings to enable proper grain flow and gurantee removal of any surface inlcusions. These rods are consistenta and reliable from the first point of precision manufacturing all the way to extreme uses in the racing world.

CP-Carrillo uses a proprietary steel to manufacture its connecting rods, named Carrilloy. It is a chrome, nickel, moly, vanadium alloy which meets all VAR (vacuum arc re-melt ASTM standards). Carrilloy is simply a modification of an existing SAE specification. We just tighten up the acceptable attributes of the heat as it is manufactured. The heat is validated, both by the supplier and an independent metallurgist whom confirm the desired physical and chemical properties of steel.

The fastener system of a high performance connecting rod is most likely the most critical unit of the assembly. As a result it is important that the fastener is installed per instructions and with recommended lube. CP-Carrillo has close to fifty years of experience of working with what have become the most recognized fasteners in the connecting rod industry. Much of this has come from experience which has been tested and validated repeatedly. Each CP-Carrillo fastener design is based on a known yield load. During linear stretch of the bolt this load should never be reached. The recommended stretch value is 80% of yield load calculated in a tension – torque diagram. Torque figures are the more commonly used method for tightening fasteners, however this is not CP- Carrillo’s preferred method and we will explain why: Torque is affected by numerous variables, all of which can alter the true preload figure you are trying to attain. Particularly, the lube utilized, the condition of the threads, the spot face, dimensional integrity, as well as other variables have an effect. Nearly all of these elements are alleviated if the assembler uses a “stretch” method. CP-Carrillo found that the consistency of high quality fasteners offers the least deviation when using the stretch method, with the result that the fastener will exhibit proper preload using designated stretch.


  • Highest strength to weight ratios
  • Custom designed features
  • 100% traceability; multi-step final inspection


  • Center to Center (in): 6.18
  • Center to Center (mm): 157
  • Style: PRO-H
  • Bolt Size: 0.375
  • Bolt Type: CARR
  • Pin Width (in): 0.932
  • Pin Width (mm): 23.67
  • Big With (in): 1.052
  • Bid Width (mm): 26.72
  • Big Bore (in): 2.1145
  • Big Bore (mm): 53.078
  • Pin Size: 22mm
  • Total/Rotate/Recip (gr)*: 617 / 433 / 174
  • FN: S
  • Cyl: 4
  • QTY: Set of 4


  • Images are for marketing purposes only. Actual product may vary.


Other Part Numbers:
Carrillo #crlAL-1750>-66180S


SKU CAR-AL-1750-66180S
Shipping Weight 10.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.400m
Shipping Height 0.200m
Shipping Length 0.400m

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