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With great interest in aftermarket racing cars, two partners formed the business CJ Motor Accessories since 2001 as a partnership, engaged in importation of racing car accessories and performance parts from manufactures in Japan USA and Uk into Australia. For the time being, business getting expanded and a company named McCann and Cheng Management Pty Ltd has established in 2009 trading as CJ Motor. Another than domestic (Australia) distribution, we are now also selling genuine racing products worldwide with amazing low prices.

Our mission is: ‘constantly striving to supply what consumer is asking for’; we will continually review what is available in the marketplace, and what isn’t. Improving on what is available and providing new products and services to the areas of need will help ensure the success in a market driven by consumer demand. Our success will ultimately be measured by your loyalty because of your belief in our ability to meet or exceed your expectations of price, service, and selection. We believe that you will enjoy yourself with visiting our website and we are going to ensure that all of our customers are happy to access our website.


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